Month: March 2018

The Secrets of Western Manitoba

In a land where wildflowers blossom underfoot, moose wander nonchalantly across your path, grain elevators stand guard like soldiers of the past, and shimmering lakes beg to be paddled across, Manitoba’s wide-open west is a [..]

5 reasons to visit Medellín right now

Word is officially out: Medellín has wholly transcended its unfavorable reputation andundergone a veritable renaissance. Yet somehow, it’s failing to land on many travel bucket lists. Still an unsung corner of South America, there’s a [..]

Black Lab Linux 8.0 Is a Rare Treat

The latest release of Black Lab Linux, an Ubuntu 16.04-based distribution, adds a Unity desktop option. You will not find Unity offered by any other major — or nearly any minor — Linux distributor outside [..]

The VR Experience: Challenges for a Growing Market

Virtual reality devices, including headsets and peripherals, offer consumers and businesses new ways to experience and share immersive content for entertainment, educational, social and other purposes. VR’s unique capability to promote user interaction through highly [..]