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How to live like a Local in Accra, Ghana

Lonely Planet Local Elio Stamm moved to Accra three years ago. Although the humidity and sheer volume of everything were a little overwhelming to start, he quickly fell for the bustling energy and creativity with which the [..]

OCD linked to inflammation in the brain

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an intrusive condition that remains difficult to treat. This is due, in part, to the causes behind the disorder remaining hidden. Recent research, however, points the finger at brain inflammation. A common [..]

Adobe Hones Target’s Personalization Tools

Adobe this week introduced three features to its Target application in an effort to improve customer experiences through increased personalization: New Personalization Insights reports; Propensity score model comparisons; and Real-time customization models. These new features [..]

The Secrets of Western Manitoba

In a land where wildflowers blossom underfoot, moose wander nonchalantly across your path, grain elevators stand guard like soldiers of the past, and shimmering lakes beg to be paddled across, Manitoba’s wide-open west is a [..]