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Burning Calories at the Gym

“Calories burned” readings on gym equipment are only estimates, but they provide a pretty good measure, depending on how honest you are with your information. You finish your workout on the treadmill and the machine [..]

Smart Snacks for Weight Loss

Snacks have earned a bad reputation in recent years with the growing acknowledgment of a link between mindless snacking and excess weight. But this doesn’t mean snacks are the enemy of calorie counting; in fact, if [..]

Why Breakfast Is Key to Weight Loss

Looking for evidence of the health benefits of breakfast? According to researchers at the University of Florida, children who ate breakfast consistently generally consumed more calories each day but were less likely to be overweight. The same [..]

Too Fat to Fight?

Many overweight and obese young adults are currently ineligible for U.S. military service which could jeopardize the Armed Forces and national security, according to retired military personnel. In a report released Tuesday, nearly 200 retired [..]